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by Brianna Thompson

How to Feel Like a Bad B*tch- Hair Therapy

Get your hair done, get your hair done, get your hair done! 

Overtime it has been studied that getting your hair done brings a true peace of mind. When you are not feeling good with the way you look, it affects your day and your overall self-esteem. Our worst days usually come when our hair is not looking its best., that is where hair therapy comes in. 
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When you come to the hair salon it is a safe space. The salon is a place of luxury, relaxation, and even therapy. Yes, I did mention therapy, your hair stylist is not only there for your hair needs, but to listen to what you struggle with and what you need to let out. We also offer silent appointments to our guests that just need to "clear their head," or "get away." 
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Getting your hair done is the best mood boost of all time. Who wouldn't feel glamourous with a fresh color, cut, and style?

 Hair is a huge part of anyone's identity and really gives a sense of their personality. Blonde highlights with layers? a true classy lady. Bright red hair and bangs? Talk about a true statement maker. Rich Brunette? She is a natural star. And the list goes on and on about all the new looks you can give yourself that will make you feel ready to rule the world! 
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The best part of getting your hair done, is being with your stylist! As hairstylists we have so much pride and joy taking care of our guests that we feel like we made a friend, and our guests often feel the same! Many women and even men confide in their barber and stylist as another person in their daily life that they see every month to few months. This connection is so important! Having the trust in your stylist to create a custom look for you is so personal and should be alleviating. 
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Hair therapy is an amazing way to rejuvenate your mind, and your self-esteem. When you are feeling good and beautiful, you feel accomplished and ready to take on anything! A hair appointment will make you feel like a new person! 

The next time you are feeling down, book a hair therapy session! The relaxing shampoo and style will end all your worries. We would love to hang out with you! Book with us at The Warehouse Salon for your next hair therapy session! 

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