Getting the Most from Your Balayage

by Jane Moss

Everybody’s talking about balayage—that hair coloring method that highlights the hair by painting it with color. Done right, Balayage is one of the most artful ways of coloring hair. After speaking with your stylist about the amount and type of color you want, he or she will actually apply the highlights using the free-hand method. This creates a soft, natural look that can actually change with the seasons, your hair style and your own individual taste.

Want a lighter look for summer? You can get a graduated look with lightness more emphasized at the ends—you’ll look as though you’ve spent the entire summer on a schooner off the coast. For non-blondes, balayage will transform your color, giving it dimension and shine that’s incredibly beautiful and so natural, people will ask you what you’ve done! Besides the obvious changes in color, balayage also allows for a much more natural grow-out—you won’t see the harsh lines normally associated with the months or weeks between visits to your salon.

Different stylists have different methods for applying the product to your hair. Depending on their eye and color sense, they’ll select the strands of hair to highlight. The hairline usually isn’t involved but rather, it is gently integrated into the overall highlighting process. In warmer months, you may wish to add additional highlights to frame the face in hair that looks naturally sun-kissed. You may wish to tone this down in color months, when skin tones change (and so does the weather).

Any way you look at it, balayage is one of the most exciting trends in color to hit the hair care industry in years. And listen up, ladies—it doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair or hair that’s somewhere in between: Balayage is an equal-opportunity beauty maker!

Check out Brick & Mirror’s own Rebecca Moss, hard at work applying her artistry to one of our customers:

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