Finding a Stylist You Love Can Give You More Than Just a Great Haircut

by Gianna Tino

A hair stylist is so much more than just someone who makes you look fabulous. They can become your friends, your confidant, and the sole person you trust in this world to make sure you look great. A stylist you love can  give you more than just a great haircut, they can give you years of fun, laughter, advice, and a great look. Which is why it's unfortunate that many people make this mistake of bouncing from stylist to stylist. Once you have a great stylist, make sure you stick with them and watch your client-stylist relationship blossom. 



It's a hairstylists job to ensure that you look breathtaking when you leave their chair, but it's also their job to guide you on the current trends and products to benefit your hair and overall look. From product recommendations to current trends, your stylist is your own personal beauty guru. 

No matter what ailment or situation your hair is suffering from, your stylist has the knowledge and experience to recommend a great product that will fit your hair needs. Damaged hair? Color fading too quickly? There's a product for that! Developing a solid relationship with a stylist you love gives them the chance to get to know your hair over time. With this relationship comes the ability to guide you and make recommendations as your hair changes throughout the years. 

Current trends are hard to keep up on, but your stylist makes a living off of being in the know on the latest beauty topics. Over time, a stylist you love and form a great professional relationship with can help to keep you informed on beauty trends that they are sure you will love. Your stylist isn't just someone who cuts your hair, they do their part to make sure you are satisfied in your hair color, cut, products, and current trends. 



It's pretty long-standing knowledge in the hair industry that stylists touch more than just hair, they touch your heart as well. Your stylist is the first person you call when you try to have a go at your very own DIY hair color (don't do it!) and over time can be the first person you call so they can squeeze you in for a blow out just so you can tell them all about the new guy in your life (or the one you got rid of- good riddance!). A stylist can become one of your closest friends, confidants, and a sounding board for all your big decisions in life. Developing a relationship with a stylist you love offers so much more than just a great cut, it offers a great chance at an awesome relationship as well. 


When it comes down to it, a stylist is someone who truly gets you. They understand your personal style, your beauty routine, your life, friendships, and goals. It's an added bonus that they can give you a head turning haircut as well. Developing a solid client-stylist relationship is one of the best things you can do not only for your hair, but your heart too.


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