Everything You Need to Know About Highlights and Lowlights

by Gianna Tino

Highlights and lowlights are a great way to add dimension and pops of color to your hair. Whether you are looking for bold, chunky highlights or a fine, beachy look, we have you covered. Here is a quick guide to the vocab you need to know before your appointment, the products you need to keep up on your beautiful new do, and the upkeep you can expect after that first appointment. 


Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want) 

It's important to know the lingo before heading in to talk to your stylist. There are a few different types of highlight styles (these are called weaves). While your stylist can mix and match these, the three types of weaves your stylist will do in your hair are the following: 

  • Fine Weave: This is great for girls who want a very natural look, or are wanting subtle dimension. A fine weave is a great way to go blonde for the summer, and rock that beachy, wavy blonde hair. Like that time Kim Kardashian went blonde? Yes, that time. 
  • Medium Weave: Great for girls who are wanting to go all over blonde without full on bleach, or as a heavier addition to a fine weave, the medium weave has been rocked by many celebrities and is a great happy medium between fine and thick weave highlights. 
  • Thick Weave/Sliced: This makes a really bold look, and some women refer to this highlight type as "chunky". It's great for high contrast hair, fun and funky colors, or to add a pop of dimension here and there. The right placement is key for this highlight type, so tread carefully and bounce ideas off your stylist before you go full force ahead. Think Kelly Clarkson when she first broke onto the music scene. 

If you aren't sure which weave style is right for you, talk to your stylist. It also helps to bring in plenty of pictures on the day of your appointment as it's hard to miscommunicate an image! Pinterest is a great tool for this. 


The Aftercare 

Anytime you use color on your hair, especially bleach, it is important to maintain proper aftercare. This includes a color safe shampoo we like Pureology's Nano Works Gold Shampoo, and conditioner like Pureology's Nano Works Gold Conditioner and a weekly deep conditioner as well. For those going blonde, your stylist may recommend PRAVANA's The Perfect Blonde Shampoo to help counteract any unwanted brassy tones. Always check with your stylist when it comes to purple shampoos (or any product for that matter). 


Keeping Up on Upkeep

Upkeep is a fact of life when it comes to highlighted hair. While it depends on how quickly your hair grows, and how much new growth you can stand, many stylists recommend a touch up ever 4-6 weeks. While there are a ton of box store color brands that sell root touch up products such as, Pureology's Colour Stylist Root Lift to help extend your color appointments, you should be cautious of doing this as your stylist will have to cut through the color at your next appointment. Not only is it super damaging to have to do that, it's also a toss-up what color it will lift to so you might not get the look you were hoping for. 


Whether you are adding lowlights for fall or highlights for summer, it's important to know that this hair service does require some upkeep, special products, and good communication with your hairstylist. However, highlights and lowlights look great on nearly everyone and can be a wonderful way to add spice to your hairstyle. Happy highlighting! 


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