Can Your Hair Color Change Over Time?

by Brianna Thompson

Hey guys, welcome back to our beauty blog! Some common questions people have about hair color is if it tends to change as time goes, and it most definitely does!

It is a common myth that hair color is a one-time deal.  However, it's not a static entity; instead, it's a dynamic canvas that can shift hues like a mood ring at a music festival. So, why does this magical metamorphosis happen? Buckle up; we're diving in!

1. The Melanin Marvel: A Coloring Tale

Meet Melanin, the unsung hero behind the curtain of your hair's color extravaganza. Melanin comes in two main flavors: eumelanin, which is responsible for black and brown shades, and pheomelanin, the reddish-yellow tint provider. As time goes by, our bodies might decide to produce less of this dynamic duo, leading to a subtle fading of our once-vibrant colors (where the grey pop out). 

2. Age, the Sneaky Artiste

Just like fine wine, our hair gets better with age – or at least, it changes. As we gracefully tread through the years, our hair may decide to lighten the load, showing off those lovely silver or white streaks. Blame it on the reduction of melanocytes, the cells responsible for melanin production. It's like a natural highlight job that tells the world, "I've been around the block, and I've got the wisdom to prove it!"

3. Hormonal Rollercoaster

Ladies, can we talk about hormones for a minute? They're like the backstage crew of our bodies, pulling levers and turning knobs. During major hormonal shifts, like pregnancy or menopause, our hair can decide to join the party. Sometimes it's a darkening affair, and other times it lightens slightly or gets those grays showing quicker. Hormones are the puppet masters, and our hair dances to their rhythm.

4. Environmental Shenanigans

Our hair is like a sponge, soaking up vibes from its surroundings. Sun exposure, pollution, and even water quality can influence the color game. Think of it as your hair's way of expressing its mood based on the environment. So, if you've ever wondered why your beach vacation turned your hair a few shades lighter, you can thank the sun for the makeover.

5. Chemical Capers

Color treatments, perms, and other chemical adventures – we've all been there, right? These can leave a lasting impression on our hair color, for better or for worse. Over time, the chemicals may interact with our natural pigment, creating a symphony of shades that keeps us on our toes. It's like our hair saying, "I've been through a lot, and here's the evidence!"

In conclusion, dear readers, your hair color is as dynamic as you are. It's a visual diary of your journey, capturing the essence of every laugh, tear, and adventure. So, embrace the changes, celebrate the grays, and remember that each strand has its own story to tell.

If you are on a hair journey and are looking for guidance, feel free to call our hair stylist hotline! or DM us on IG! 

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