All About Deep Conditioning

by Gianna Tino

Nothing weighs you down more than dull, lifeless hair. While there are many ways you can help promote a healthy mane of hair, it is important to make deep conditioning a key party of your weekly beauty regimen. If you've been on the fence about the importance of deep conditioning, here are a few pieces of key information to know before heading to your salon to purchase a good quality deep conditioner. 


Fast Facts About Deep Conditioning


1. Deep conditioning helps rehydrate thirsty hair. 

If your hair is looking frizzy and feeling dry, you absolutely must get a deep conditioner we like Kenra's Professional Nourishing Masque. Utilizing a deep conditioner a few times a week will help to quench those parched strands and get you looking more like an A-List celebrity and less like a lion. 


2. Curly girls have been warned. 

If you were blessed with beautiful, curly hair then a deep conditioner like Pureology's Curl Complete Moisture Melt Masque should be a key part of your weekly routine. While curly hair is stunning, it does require some extra maintenance as it is more prone to breakage and split ends and can often lose moisture very quick. For those who are prone to dryness, deep conditioning your hair weekly with a cap can do wonders to save your curly locks. 


3. If you get monthly color services, take note. 

Coloring your hair can do wonders for your self-esteem and your appearance, but it's always important to take care of your hair anytime you are putting chemicals on it. If you receive color services, professional or not, you need to be investing in a good deep conditioner like Pureology's Colour Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask to help repair damaged, dry hair. 


4. Prevent that monthly color from fading too quick. 

Keeping your color fresh and beautiful is an important part of any girl's beauty routine. Using a deep conditioner like Pureology's Strength Cure Restorative Masque can help to protect your hair and keep it looking beautiful. Other factors, such as excessive sun exposure or washing with hard water, can also cause hair color to fade quickly. 


5. The Hot Spot 

If you use heat tools on your hair, it's crucial to use a deep conditioner each week. Heat tools, such as blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, can damage the hair and a deep conditioner will help get it back in sleek and sexy condition. 


Deep Conditioning the Right Way

The first step to deep conditioning your hair is to purchase the right deep conditioner for your hair type. There are various conditioners to choose from depending on your specific situation. Asking a stylist for his or her recommendation is the best way to go about selecting the right conditioner. Once you have that taken care of, follow these steps in order to get the most out of your deep conditioning experience. 

1. Wash your hair with a good shampoo we like Kenra's Professional Moisturizing Shampoo. This is important to rinse off any product that could keep the deep conditioner like Kenra's Professional Nourishing Masque from penetrating your strands. 

2. Heat up a damp towel or have a shower cap on hand. 

3. Apply the product from midlength to ends. If you have longer hair, the hair that sticks out of your ponytail is what you want to be applying conditioner too. 

4. Wrap your hair in the warm towel or pile your hair into a shower cap. The heat from the towel or the heat released from your scalp will help boost your deep conditioner's performance and enable it to really work on your hair. 

5. Leave the product on for approximately 15 minutes, or as directed by your hairstylist. 

6. Fully rinse the product from your hair. Product residue can cause your hair to look greasy and weigh it down (not a good look!)


When it comes to deep conditioning and protecting your hair, nothing works well quite like a good quality product. Give your stylist a call or talk to them at your next appointment to find the right product for your hair and get your mane looking fabulous!


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