5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hair Oil

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As far as hair products go, hair oil is among the most versatile – it could be exactly what you need to give yourself the ‘do of your dreams. Many celebrities and stylists swear by it. However, many are hesitant to try it for fear of their hair becoming too oily and flat. Allow us to put your fears to rest: read on to learn five reasons why you might actually need to be using hair oil.


1. You have curly hair.

Curly hair is more prone to dryness as it makes it more difficult for oils produced by the scalp to travel to your ends. If you are having trouble keeping your hair hydrated, use a strengthening oil like PRAVANA's Nevo Hydra Pearl Replenishing Hair Oil. Just apply to towel-dried hair before styling to improve shine, reduce frizz, and prevent breakage.


2. You have a lot of flyaways.

One of the simplest solutions for flyaways is to simply rub a bit of oil between your fingertips and smooth down those pesky little buggers. Try Kenra's Platinum Revive Oil. This lightweight formula will soften your hair and add shine without weighing it down. If you do end up over-doing it, just apply some dry shampoo to soak up excess oiliness. We like Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo by Pureology.


3. Your hair looks dull.

If your hair is lacking shine, hair oil is just the remedy you need. It nourishes the hair’s lipid layer, creating a reflective surface so that the light repels and makes your strands look shiny.


4. You want a smoother pony-tail.

If your pony isn’t looking as smooth as you want, there’s an easy fix: just combine a bit of oil with hair gel try Total Fixation Firm Hold Gel by PRAVANA. Use it to create center part in your hair, then smooth it back with a fine-tooth comb to eliminate bumps. Finally, brush your hair back, securing it with an elastic. Use any oil that remains on your hands to give your ‘do a bit more shine. Simple and sleek!


5. Your hair has been damaged by coloring/styling.

While hair oil can’t actually reverse damage caused by styling or treatment, it can give dry strands a healthier appearance. Just apply a formula from your midshaft to your ends after you shower. Try Pureology's Colour Fanatic Spray which is paraben and sulfate-free so that it doesn’t cause further damage to hair.


If you know anyone else who would benefit from these tips, please share them!


1 comment

  • adrianknowles

    Hair oiling strengthens your hair in addition to moisturizing your scalp and promoting hair development. It gives the scalp essential minerals and nutrients. This may shield the hair from harm from the outside and fortifies it as well. As a result, having thick, healthy hair is another advantage of oiling your hair.
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