Make Your Haircut Last with These 4 Tricks

by Corinne Shoemaker
 As our hair ages it can become more difficult to keep it looking polished. This is why it is important to protect your strands from damage as this will help them retain their youth longer. Read on to learn four ways you can keep your cut looking good longer after your visit to the salon.


1. Don’t use harsh tools.

Avoiding breakage is all about being gentle with your strands, so don’t use harsh tools. Your hair is weakest when wet, so allow it to dry before putting any great stress on it. If you’re going to brush it, use a wide-tooth comb and a detangler like Kenra's Platinum Style Prep Detangling Primer Spray.


2. Get regular trims.

Depending on your hair cut, you should be getting frequent trims to ensure that your hair stays styled, especially if it’s short. The thicker your hair is, the more layers it needs to help keep it light.


3. Don’t make this common blow-drying mistake.

Using hot tools incorrectly, such as blow-drying your hair prematurely, can destroy your strands. Allow your hair to become mostly dry before going at it with a blow-dryer, and try not to use one every day. You should also be sure to use a heat protectant beforehand, like Kenra's Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray.


4. Minimize washing.

Washing your hair too much can dry out your strands and cause them to turn brittle, so you should do it as little as is needed. This will depend on your hair type. Check out this article to learn exactly how often you should be washing your hair.


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