7 Easy Ways to Fix Any Bad Hair Day

by Corinne Shoemaker

 Waking up in the morning with a head of hair that rivals Einstein's isn’t any fun. You want gorgeous, easy to maintain, smooth, silky locks, if you are a blowout type of gal. If you prefer more natural texture you want your curls or waves to be lush with body. Frizz is the enemy of all hair types. So what can you do if you have a perpetual case of bedhead? There are easy ways to fix any bad hair day. Here’s 7 techniques to try right now.


The Old Ponytail Made New.


  This is the go-to move for a bad hair day. Make yours different by securing it with a sparkly hair tie or pretty clip, instead of that basic black one you use for the gym. A little bling never hurt any hair style especially the classic ponytail.


A Top Knot That’s Tops With Celebs.


 Worn by celebrities who are looking to extend their styling days, a top knot doesn’t have to be perfect like the ballerinas used to wear in the old days. It can be a little messy, a bit hap hazard, and just looks like you have effortlessly styled your hair. Kate Hudson rocks this fun look quite often. A product to spray through your roots to help it secure itself, is Kenra's Volume Spray 25. This gives life to flat hair for long lasting volume.


Classically Chignon.


  An easy, elegant way to just put your hair back and forget about it. To style, rub a dime sized amount PRAVANA's Nevo Detail Shine and Define Polish to slick back the hair. Then secure in a twist at the back of your hair with bobby pins. No one will be the wiser that you are having a bad hair day with such a chic style.


Dry Shampoo To The Rescue.


  Sometimes all you need to extend a great blowout is a little dry shampoo. This sprayed directly on the roots in a tone that matches your hair color or is color-less is best to soak up excess oils and greasiness. That way your hair will make it through at least another day or two. If you can think ahead to spray the roots at night while you are sleeping, you will wake up with much cleaning feeling hair. A good dry shampoo to try is Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo by Pureology. It’s going to blend into any hair color without any chalky residue.  

Rehydrate, Rehydrate, Rehydrate.


 Sometimes you just need to reactivate the existing hair styling products that are already in your hair. Spritz lightly over your whole head with a spray bottle of water, just to dampen it. Then allow the natural texture of your hair to take over. Scrunch it with your hands a bit to enhance the waves. Or if you don’t have any product in your hair, try a spray of dry oil. Kenra's Platinum Revive Oil is the perfect way to activate your waves, and rehydrate the hair for a frizz free look.

Last But Not Least.


 When all else fails a stylish hair might be your go to move. Try something sassy and cute like a fedora in the Winter. Or a straw hat with ribbon detailing in the Summer can be uniquely you, so no one will focus on your hair...just your cute hat!


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