Get Thicker Hair in 5 Easy Steps

by Corinne Shoemaker

You don’t need the right DNA to have thick, flowing tresses. If your ‘do is looking dead, we’ve got a few tips to help you bring it to life! Read on to learn five easy ways to get thicker hair.


1. Support your scalp.

It’s from your scalp that your hair grows, so of course taking extra care of it will greatly improve your hair health, including by preventing thinning. Use a nourishing mask like Kenra's Professional Nourishing Masque.  


2. Chill out.

As with all aspects of health, it is super important that you learn to maintain your stress. In regard to your strands, too much stress can lead to hair thinning. Meditate, exercise – do whatever you can to reduce stress for better-looking hair and greater peace of mind.


3. Fake it.

While genetically you may not have been blessed with thick tresses, there are plenty of ways you can style your hair to amp it up and prevent it from looking thin. For example, by avoiding heavy products (such as those containing oils) you will keep your hair from becoming weighed down. You also want to avoid over-processing your hair as this will severely weaken your strands and lead to breakage, causing your hair to look thinner than it really is.


4. Eat right.

The foods you that you consume (or don’t consume) can have a great effect on your hair. Your strands are made of protein and iron, so you need to be sure that your diet contains a sufficient amount of both to keep your locks nourished. It also helps to use hair products that are infused in protein like Sudzz FXs Moxee Reconstructing Conditioner which uses proteins to help restructure and strengthen hair.


5. Try this simple volumizing trick.

If you need a super-easy fix, just tie a ponytail as high as you can before bed using a soft elastic. This will prevent your strands from going slack while you sleep so that you wake up with gorgeous, voluminous roots. try PRAVANA's Nevo Full Volume Just use your fingers to shake out your hair in the morning. That’s it!


If you have a friend that would find these tips useful, please share it.


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