10 Amazing Tips that Will Make Doing Your Hair Easy

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Just because you don't have hours to work on your hair doesn't mean it can't look gorgeous all day (or night) long. Read on to learn ten simple yet little-known hair hacks that will help give you a more beautiful, durable 'do in minutes.


1. Use volume spray to make your braid look bigger.

While your hair is still damp, go over it with a bit of volume spray we like Kenra's Volume Spray 25. As it’s drying, the hair will become thicker, giving you a bigger braid when you weave it.


2. Make extensions look natural with thinning shears.

If using store-bought extensions, you can help them appear more like real hair if you use thinning shears on the ends as it will imitate the thinning of hair that naturally happens here. Simple!


3. The easiest method for creating waves ever.

Wash your hair. While it’s still damp, tie it with an elastic, then add another one two or three inches below it, then another and so on until you reach the end. Leave the elastics in your hair all day long, then remove them before going out that night. The result will be gorgeous, subtle waves.


4. Keep your ponytail from sagging with bobby pins.

After pulling your hair back, just take two or three bobby pins and stick them halfway inside the elastic toward your crown. Finish it off by fluffing the ponytail and flipping it over.


5. Use shine mist for a gorgeous, natural-looking sheen.

If your hair is lacking in shine, you can easily remedy this with a bit of shine mist like Kenra's Shine Spray. Just be sure to hold the bottle up high when spraying so that it just lightly covers your hair, preventing a dirty and greasy look.


6. Protect your hair with a do-rag while blowing it out.

This easy, stylish technique will help keep flyaways and frizz from popping up. Just allow your hair to dry slightly, then use a brush to smooth your strands at the hairline and crown. Finally, wrap a do-rag over your head and wait for it to dry.


7. Change up your iron’s barrel for the perfect curls.

The trick to curls with just the right bend is having just the right-sized barrel on your iron (and, of course, the right technique). Take a 1.25-inch barrel and wrap a section of hair around it once. Wait a few seconds then remove the lock while keeping it coiled. Take a bobby pin or clip and pin the curl in place while it cools down. Alternate the direction you curl your locks for a more natural-looking style.


8. Apply eye shadow along your part to help it appear thicker.

Grab a color that belongs to the same family as your natural hair color and simply dust it along your part. This will make it appear thicker both in person and on camera.


9. Pull some of your hair into a ponytail for a smooth look.

Take a boar bristle brush and spritz it with some hairspray (like PRAVANA’s Nevo Super Shape Hairspray), then create a low ponytail using just the hair at your temples so that it rests under the rest of your hair. This will allow your ‘do to stay more controlled. Use your brush to finish it off by combining the rest of your hair with the sides that are slicked back.


10. Create fast waves with a flat iron.

Loop a small section of hair and clamp it with a flat iron, holding it in place for just a few seconds (like curling), then spritz it with some hairspray. Violà – beach waves!


If you know anyone else who would love these tips, please share them!


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