5 Hair Hacks That Will Change Your Life

by Corinne Shoemaker

It’s always nice to have a few tricks in your beauty arsenal. Read on to learn five hair hacks that will probably change your life.


When you want curls, but you don’t have an iron or rollers on-hand:

Though it may take a little more effort, there is a simple solution to getting curls without the tools you’re used to: just use a paper bag. Rip it into thin strips, then take the strips and roll your (damp) hair into them. Finally, blowdry your hair, release your new curls from their bonds, and apply a strong hairspray like Sudzz FX’s AeroFixx Working & Finishing Spray.


When your hair is oily but you have no dry shampoo, powder, or time to shower:

It sounds odd, but oatmeal is a great alternative to all of the aforementioned solutions. It is very absorbent and can be combed from your strands easily. Just sprinkle a handful of dry oats onto your scalp, wait a few minutes, and brush it out. Simple!


When you want to restore your hair’s natural shine:

If your hair is dry and weak, you can help restore its health with a hair mask like Pureology's Strength Cure Restorative Masque. If you need a quick DIY fix, try mayonnaise (we’re not kidding – the oil and egg ingredients help strengthen and replenish brittle strands).


When static is screwing up your ‘do:

Just take a dryer sheet and give it a couple of quick swipes over your hair to get rid of flyaways. Yes, it is that easy.


When you need more volume, fast:

If you don’t have a volumizing spray on-hand like Kenra's Volume Spray 25, just use a toothbrush! Watch this video to learn how:


We hope you find our tips helpful! If you can think of anyone else who might benefit from this article, please share it.


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