50 Shades of Red

by Brianna Thompson
Have you ever thought about going red? Well, here is your sign because I have so many photos that will inspire you to go all 50 Shades of Red. Is it actually 50 shades? I don't know but I needed a hook on this blog, so this was a good one! Red hair is one of my favorites because it is such a hype and a statement maker, especially nowadays. For all my red head girls, natural or not, you are killing it! Red hair is a lot to pull off and it is a big statement, perfect for big personalities.

Now let's dive in and check out the ultimate possibilities when going red.

Light Red Brown

Yes, we are going to start a little simple and then get to our intense reds. This shade is totally perfect for someone who still want a natural vibe, but with some vibrancy and fun!
Light Red Brown

Dark Red Brown

Dark red browns are amazing because they can be so deceitful. Alot of time darker red tones are shown in the sunlight and have a major pop, but in regular lightening it can look like a beautiful cochleate. Some of these can have redder or more copper depending on which tones you like better.   

Dark Red Brown

Dark Copper Brown

Light coppers with added depth bring just enough vibrancy and still feels natural. Some of these copper browns still have some added red tones to keep it rich and vibrant.
Dark Copper Brown
Light Copper Brown

This shade is very close to a blonde copper, but still has that added depth to keep it natrual and not too intense.
Light Copper Brown

Burgundy Red & Wine Red

These shade  are stunning and are super popular. You choose dark burgundy, that reflects red and violet hues in the sunlight or a super intense wine like burgundy with a mix of red and violet tones.  This is personally one of my favorite red tones.
Dark Burgundy Red

Wine Red

Copper Red

Copper reds are so fun and vibrant! Coppers and reds together just create the perfect eye catching tone that will have everyone looking!

Copper Red

Strawberry Blonde/ Ginger Red

Everyone loves a good strawberry blonde as we all know that one lucky natural red head in our lives. This reds are so bright, but also so natural! It's classic and stunning.

Strawberry Blonde

Ginger Copper

Intense Reds

Intense reds are like those vibrant cherry and fire like tones that really have heads turning! They are so vibrant and make such a huge impact on an ordinary look. If you've got true spunk and edge, this is a statement maker.


Intense Coppers

These coppers are fierce. They have more of that deep orange feel, with still some red hues to give that fire copper feel.

If you are looking to go red this is your sign! Come book with me at Studio 360 to make it happen! Simply press the link in my author bio and follow me on Instagram @briannalovesbalayage_. 

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