5 Summer Hair Trends You're Missing Out On

by Gianna Tino

This summer season is all about working with what you have. Great cheekbones? Go with a bobbed haircut. Messy chic inspired? Grow out your layers for an undone boho look. Whatever your heart's desire, you can own it this summer. However, if you need some inspiration then look no further. Here are 5 summer hair trends that you're missing out on. 


1. The Bob 

If you're looking for a precision cut this season, a bob may be the best cut for you. Not only does it look great with strong facial features, it's more low maintenance than people give it credit for which makes it an ideal summer haircut. You can take this cut in a few different directions, be it a blunt bob, a messy lob, or somewhere in between, talk to your hairstylist about incorporating this great and versatile cut into your look this summer. 


2. Long Layers

Short hair not your thing? Consider growing your layers out. Long layers give a beautiful, effortless beach look which is perfect for summer. It's extremely versatile, too. If you're wanting to channel your inner hippie, wear them loose and encourage some wave (like Kenra's Professional Curl Glaze Mousse 13) with a good product. Date night coming up? Long layers make for a beautiful sleek look when blown out smooth (like Pureology's Illuminating Curl 24 Hour Shaping Lotion) or straightened with your flatiron. 


3. Ombre

The ombre came into style a few years ago and has been a hot hair trend ever since. It's extremely versatile, appealing to the most put together girl or the beach bum in all of us. Just make sure you avoid any DIY color kits, especially with this technique. An ombre is a very particular color service and requires a lot of knowledge to achieve the perfect look. 


4. Braids

Whether you're aiming for a pristine set of french braided pig tails or a chunky, messy braid you're sure to fall in love with this summer trend. We love this summertime trend for a few different reasons. On one hand, you can tailor it to just about any style, and it also helps to keep your hair out of your face for the days when you're ready to go beachside. It also makes for an easy styling tool. Leave your braids in overnight and take them out the next morning for a perfect summertime wave. 


5. Babylights

It's a weird  name, but a hot trend right now. Babylights are a bit like an ombre, but with a smoother transition between colors. A lot of hairstylists are taking this new approach to highlights, painting on color and wrapping it in plastic wrap or meche. The overall look provides a more natural highlight and brightens your overall color in a darling way. It's also great for the low maintenance chick, as they grow out nicely between appointments so upkeep isn't quite as demanding. Schedule your appointment and get some babylights this summer for a sunkissed look. 


What are you going to try out this season? Play it safe with some beautiful, sunkissed babylights or go wild with a sharp bob or colorful ombre. No matter what you choose, summer is a great season to start experimenting with different trends. Changing your color up? Make sure you talk with your stylist about investing in a quality color safe shampoo (like Kenra's Professional Color Maintenance Shampooand conditioner (like Kenra's Professional Color Maintenance Conditioner) to avoid having your beautiful new color fade out in between appointments. Don't let your stylist book up for the summer! Make an appointment today for a hot new look this summer.


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