The Easy Guide to Beach Waves

by Corinne Shoemaker

When it comes to beach waves, it takes little effort to look gorgeous. They’re fun and simple, and now that it’s officially summer, they just make sense! Unfortunately, because so few of us live close to the beach, it seems that most of us are out of luck. Not true! Follow the advice laid out below for your hair type to learn how you can obtain easy beach waves without stepping foot on the sand.


Straight Hair­­

Take a shower and allow your hair to air dry. Then spritz it with a texturizing spray, like Sudzz FX's AirPlay Designing Spray, and begin wrapping two-inch sections of your hair around a curling iron with a medium barrel. Try not to make them too perfect (you’re going for a messy look, after all)! Once your tresses have cooled, run your fingers through them and add more spray if necessary.


Wavy Hair

If you aren’t due for a shower, begin styling from the get-go (your natural waves will create more texture). Otherwise, get out the curl cream – we love DevaCurl's Styling Cream which prevents stiffness or stickiness even in high humidity (perfect for the sticky summer months ahead). Toss your hair up into a loose bun and wait for it to dry. Using a large curling iron, go over any limp locks, and spritz on some texture spray if needed.

Here’s another option that will save you some time in the morning: take a small curling wand and form tight ringlets, then go to bed. When you wake up, run your fingers through your locks and go about your day with your beautiful new waves!


Curly Hair

Grab a round brush and try straightening your hair a bit, then run an anti-frizz serum like DevaCurl's MirrorCurls Moisturizing Shine Serum through it (this will help prevent the humidity from messing up your work). Finally, create medium waves with a curling iron and add texture spray like DevaCurl's Spray Gel.


What is your favorite hairstyle to wear during the summer? Let us know in the comments!


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