Does your hair take more time to style than you would like?

by Nicholas Mirabella

Does your hair take more time to style than you would like?  Is there a constant battle going on between your hair and your styling tools?  Do you find yourself getting up an hour earlier just to style your hair and somehow still walk into work late?  If you answered yes to any of these questions this article is for you!


Here are a few styling issues plus a solution to help you cut down on your styling time.

Issue number 1:  
Many women don’t take enough moisture out of their hair before they start styling, try Pureology's Colour Stylist Anti-Split Blowdry Styling Cream. If you start blow drying your hair with a brush when it's dripping wet you will literally be there all morning.  Towel dry your hair enough so it’s no longer dripping.  Then before taking a brush to your hair,  blow-dry with your fingers to get about 80% of the moisture out of your hair.  If you have coarse or frizz-prone hair, adjust that number to about 50%.  Take a few seconds to section your hair neatly,  it will be much easier to maneuver your brush and dryer when the hair isn’t blowing and falling onto the section you are drying.

Blow-Dry Tip:

Many times women start at the back of the head because that’s where most of their hair is, but by the time you get done with the back the front is almost dry and now it’s super frizzy, try Sudzz FX's LiquidLuxe Luxury Mist. The front is part other people see when they are talking to you, and the part you see when you look in the mirror, so section that out first and work on getting that smooth and dry before starting on the back.  This tip is great because your arms aren’t tired yet, so you’ll be able to give it all you got.  Also for you moms who have things come up mid-styling, you can throw your hair back in a quick bun or pony, and boom you can still look like you put in a little effort.

Styling Tip 2:

Dry your hair as quick as you can, try Kenra's Thermal Styling Spray 19 to shape and hold hair then throw some rollers in there and start your make-up.  By the time you are done with your make-up and you finish your morning routine, your hair should be set and ready to go.  ***We will be posting a video how-to for rollers later this week.***

Issue number 2:

Everyone has them, even Kim Kardashian.  Yes, it’s the menacing “bad hair day.”  For whatever reason, your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate and no mater what you do it just looks bad.  The weather, a product, you used the wrong shampoo, (try Kenra's Platinum Blow-Dry Shampoo) or you are just in need of a cut and can’t make it to the salon this week.  What ever the reason. bad hair days will happen.

Bad Hairday Tip:  

If you have shorter hair and it’s just not your day, mess it up, use a paste or a pomade such as,  PRAVANA's Nevo Detail Shine and Define Polish, and mess it up more, go with an edgy funky look.  Make that mess work for you.  Don’t spend more than about a minute after you decide to go with a messy look,  the more you fuss the less authentic the “messy look” looks.

If you have long hair, try a messy updo.  Sexy hair is fun hair.  Calm your hair down with product, either a paste or something with more of a matte finish such as, Kenra's Matte Texture Putty 10. Throw it in high ponytail, take out a section of hair, put it in a loose braid and clip it out of the way.  Take the rest of your hair and twist it into a bun, then wrap the braided section around to complete the look.  Again, speed is key.  Don’t fuss.  Whatever you get is what you get, that’s the style you’re aiming for; sexy, tousled and undone.


Issue number 3:

Your need to be honest with yourself and your stylist, some hair types and styles aren’t meant to be a match made in heaven.  I know you brought in that picture and your stylist did a great haircut on you, but you aren’t Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston and you don’t have a staff of hair gods working on you every morning.  During the consultation would be a great time for you to mention you have 4 kids and an hour commute to work in the morning, so even though your hair works when it’s blown out… you just don’t get the time to blow it out too often.  Try Kenra's Platinum Blow-Dry Mist.

Wrong cut solution:

The solution to this issue is simple, you need to change or re-shape your current cut.  Make an appointment with your stylist and let them know what’s going on.  Hair has texture and density that some hairstyles just don’t work well for.  Talk to your stylist about how much time you have to devote to styling each morning and if the cut you want will work with that time frame.  If it is possible to achieve the style in the time you have, then have your stylist teach you how to style it.

With the right professional products your hair should do what you want it to do.  Make sure you are using salon professional products that are meant for what you are using them for.  You can’t achieve great volume with heavy smoothing products, or amazing curls with a straightening balm.  Remember; styling starts in the shower.  Make sure you are using the right shampoo like Pureology's Pure Volume Shampoo, and conditioner like Pureology's Pure Volume Hair Conditioner because, if not, even the most magical styling product will have trouble helping you achieve the look you want.

Product Essentials:

IF YOU COLOR YOUR HAIR: The minimum you should be using if you color your hair is a color-safe shampoo like Kenra's Color Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner like Color Maintenance Conditioner.
.  This will help prevent fading and prolong the vibrancy of your color.

IF YOU BLOWDRY/FLAT IRON/CURLING IRON: The absolute minimum you should be using is a sulfate-free shampoo like PRAVANA's Nevo Reparative Sulfate-Free Shampoo and conditioner like PRAVANA's Nevo Reparative Conditioner to replenish lost moisture and a heat protector.  

IF YOU KERATIN/RELAX/PERM: The minimum you should be using is a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with reconstructing properties and a weekly deep conditioner such as, PRAVANA's Nevo Reparative Conditioner to keep hair strong and supple so it can withstand the damage done by these chemicals.  

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