One Of The Best Haircare Lines On The Market Today

by Nicholas Mirabella

All great things have strong foundations. When it comes to your hair, the same rules apply. Hair needs to be nourished and balanced for it to be healthy and grow strong. But most hair products only act superficially. How can you build more beautiful hair from the inside out?

You use a treatment line specifically meant to treat your hair and scalp’s unique needs from the core to the surface. There are 3 fundamental nourishing components of hair; phyto-proteins, phyto-hydration + moisture, and phyto-lipids + oils. Without the right balance of the three, your hair will not be properly nourished and protected.

But in today’s world, there are a plethora of products on the shelves. Don’t you want to support something good while being good to yourself? Really consider the products you are putting on your body and ask yourself, “Is this really good for me, and am I doing good by buying it?”

You’ve undoubtedly heard of sulfates by now and how they strip your hair of the oils it needs to be healthy. But have you paid attention to the other harmful ingredients? Did you know that table salt (sodium chloride) is in a lot of hair products and it strips your hair as well. That’s why you can’t go in the ocean after you’ve had a keratin treatment done, because the salt takes it out of your hair. Check the ingredient labels on your beloved products and make sure they aren’t hurting you. They should be free of Parabens, PABA, PPD’s (paphenylenediamine), mineral oil, lanolin oil, DEA, MEA and BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole). These substances can be toxic and trigger allergic reactions.

If you want to treat yourself well, opt for a line that doesn’t test on animals and uses vegan ingredients to deliver personalized, luxurious results.

Snobgirls is a company out of Canada offering 9 prescriptive 100% Free Series (free of known harmful ingredients), Vegan, Nutritionally balanced regimens. Find the one that’s right for you and begin the journey to shiny, vibrant colour, vital protections and long-lasting natural healthy looking hair.

Each of the prestocure capsules has a pre-measured single use dose of phyto-nutrients. That way there is no waste, spilling or overuse and they are great for travel. Their vacuum seal protects the formula from oxidation and light and guarantees the product’s freshness and purity. Each system is formulated with pharmaceutical grade technology for innovative results. They all provide color preservation, thermal protection and UV protection. Each formula helps you blowout last longer while preventing breakage, static and flyaways.  This magic little capsule also cuts blow drying time up to 55%.

Hydramend - for dry, brittle hair. Targets and treats any distressed or broken areas of the hair. Provides moisture balance and elasticity.

Procure - Preserves and reverses signs aging of hair due to free radicals, uv rays and styling stress. Provides color radiance, shine, weightless smoothness and youthful vitality.

Bodydense - Provides extra body, weightless volume, strength, shine and style retention for fine limp hair. Prevents collapsing of body.

V-V Curls - For curly, wavy, frizzy or dry hair. Improves suppleness and elasticity. Provides weightless conditioning, silky, manageable texture, and defined, smooth curls.

Curalign - For frizzy, dry, coarse, unruly hair. Repairs and visibly transforms unruly hair into tame, silky hair. Provides lasting smoothness, shine and polish.

Normadense - For thin-looking, stressed hair. Helps soothe irritated or itchy scalp. Restores balance to the scalp, rebuilds protective barriers and stimulates circulation. Provides nourishment and prevents hair loss due to nutrient deprived scalp and hair.

Strongforce - For overprocessed, dry, weak, distressed hair. Revives and restores natural keratin. Strengthens, repairs and seals damaged areas of the hair fibre. Prevents breakage.

Detoxcure - Clarifies oily-prone hair and scalp. Removes toxins, pollutants, hard water minerals and product build-up to reveal shine and radiance. Ideal for swimmers or athletes in need of residue-free, fresher feeling, pure clean hair. ( Shampoo Only) 

Lumiere-Colour - Deeply nourishes and helps seal, protect, prolong and perfect colour and shine of hair. Helps neutralize free radicals, replenish depleted nutrients, rebalance, hydrate, repair, reflect light, and protect hair for long lasting colour, shine and radiance. Helps prevent the premature colour fading, of colour-treated hair.

Normadense (Snobboys)- Designed for men with thin-looking, stressed hair. Helps soothe irritated or itchy scalp. Restores balance to the scalp, rebuilds protective barriers and stimulates circulation. Provides nourishment and prevents hair loss due to nutrient deprived scalp and hair.


* The capsules are topical treatments for the hair and are not meant to be ingested.


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